Services Overview

Heroes Veterinary Hospital is committed to not only protecting your beloved pets, but also to providing superior quality pet care that is affordable for pet owners.

Additionally, we offer a complete range of services at reasonable prices, some of which we will highlight below. To learn more about our services and prices, please contact our clinic.

Pet Vaccinations + Flea & Heartworm Preventatives

Unless properly vaccinated, your pet is at risk of contracting one of several, possibly fatal, infectious diseases. Routine vaccination protects your pet, is cheaper than paying for treating your sick pet later, and reduces virus transmission in the pet population. Immunity derived from vaccination is protection against viruses!

Dental Care

Dental disease affects up to 80% of pets over the age of three, and just like humans, there can be serious consequences of poor dental health. We are happy to advise you on initiating a good dental care program for your new puppy or kitten. If you pet is over 3, we recommend scheduling an appointment with us for a dental check-up.

Please contact our Hospital to find out about ALL of our Dental Services!

Our Services

  • Vaccinations
  • Spay & Neuter
  • General surgery
  • Internal Medicine
  • Dental
  • Behavioral Counseling
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Ear Crop
  • Microchipping
  • Pain Management & Counseling


Office Hours

Open 7 days a week!


7:00 am-6:00 PM


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Feedback from our clients

  • "Great vet practice! Have experienced many other vet clinics in NE Ft Lauderdale area and Dr. Vaujin is the best. Knowledgeable, reasonable and the front desk staff is very friendly so not sure about some of the complaints. Everyone has a bad day now and again, don't take it personally and judge with such harshness. Caring, compassionate and excellent care-that's what matters. Won't go anywhere else."
    RubiR A.
  • "I am completely happy with Heroes. They take good care of my dog, Annie. Their pricing is fair and reasonable. Annie needed minor surgery to remove a growth from her neck and during the procedure the Doctor removed a second growth that was unknown to us at diagnosis at no additional charge. I find the staff to be accommodating and sensitive to Annie's high anxiousness during her visits. I highly recommend their services."
    Mark G.
  • "This place and these professionals are the epitome of true love for the care of all pets....They get 5 stars from me on there worst day. My best friend was looking at paralysis due to a chronic condition he has had for many years and they have found a way to limit his condition and to live a pain free full life.
    *****5 STARS *****"
    Michael L.
  • "I am truly amazed with the friendly staff and how they treated my dog
    They saved my dogs life and I'm very grateful that they found the time to do a emergency surgery without it my dog would have passed away.
    Other vets were charging 2500 to 3500
    Heroes did the surgery for 1/4 of the price
    Thanks again"
    Paul C.
  • "I took my cat in today without an appointment and everyone was so caring, helpful, and understanding of how emotional I was getting. They thoroughly explained exactly what she'd have to have done and were so nice. I really appreciate how sweet they were because I was so upset and worried before coming in. I'm glad to have found a new vet to take my pets to :-)"
    Kimmy W.